This is where it all started for us. and video will always be our passion. Let Murky Productions bring your ideas to life. We specialize in short, to-the-point promotional videos, web series, talking heads, and more. Book a consultation today and let's see what we can produce.


Are you looking to make a difference in your community? Is giving back something you love as much as we do? Tap into the Murky Productions Network. We make fundraisers, parties, and events easy. Book a consultation today and let's see what we can produce.


Do you have an idea, product, or service you want to share with the world? Well then, Murky Productions can help. It's not even a question of how, it's more like, "when do you want to start?" Book a consultation today and let's see what we can produce.

We believe in our community.

Anything can be accomplished when a community comes together, and we are in the business of working together with businesses, organizations, and individuals who want to connect with their community-- in a unique and personal way.

  • Our videos are a labour-of-love and represent exactly what you would like known about your business, product, or service.
  • Our events are for the community, by the community and are always exciting, fun and memorable.
  • Our marketing strategies are as unique as we are.

Our work a reflection of our commitment to give back in creative ways. We don't sell your product, we share with you what you need to know to have your product sell itself. We are one small part of a powerful and integrated network of business owners, community partners, and passionate people who want you to succeed.

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